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4 Ways to Get a Red Light Ticket Dismissed

Nobody enjoys getting a NY red light ticket, whether it’s from a camera or a police officer. When you get such a ticket, you have two choices: you can simply pay the fine and be done with it, possibly adding points to your driving record. Or you can take it to court and hope to get it dismissed. If you choose the latter, then there are some things you should know.

Traffic Lights, Red, Stop, Light Signal

1. Challenge the police officer’s view of the intersection. During a red light traffic stop make a note of where the officer was sitting before pulling you over. If you can show the court that the officer’s view of the intersection was obstructed in any way, you can argue that the officer made a mistake. To prove the view was obstructed you’ll need to take pictures of the intersection from the officer’s point-of-view to show the court.

2. Ask for a deferral or dismissal. A deferral means that if you don’t commit any further traffic violations for the next six months, then the ticket will be dropped from your record. A dismissal means the ticket is dropped. Having a clean driving record will make it easier to argue for a deferral or dismissal with the prosecuting attorney.

3. Your view of the light was obstructed. If there was a large 18-wheeler in front of you or your view was obstructed by trees, then you can argue that you never saw that the light was about to turn red. For this defense to be successful, you’ll need to take pictures or video of the intersection to show the driver’s obstructed view.

4. You were trying to avoid an accident or there were hazardous road conditions. In some circumstances, running a red light might be necessary to avoid a potentially major accident. Or sometimes the road conditions are so hazardous that you had to run the red light. This defense is tough because the prosecuting attorney will argue you should’ve adjusted your driving to the road conditions.

Red Light Cameras

Getting a NY red light camera ticket is a different story. Most jurisdictions don’t let you question the validity or timing of the picture. However, if the picture is blurry or somehow the car is obstructed, you can argue that it’s not your car. Further, tickets will go to the registered owner of the vehicle. If you can prove that you weren’t driving, your ticket will be dropped. To prove this you’ll need a strong alibi.

An Attorney Can Help You Fight Red Camera Tickets

When in doubt, it’s always best to hire an attorney, like the lawyers at the Law Office of James Lynch and Associates with office located in Poughkeepsie, New York, to help you fight your ticket. They’ll know how to properly argue your case in court, and if they can’t get the ticket dismissed, at least lower your fine.

August 7, 2020 /
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Do I Really Need A Car Accident Lawyer?

A traffic accident is not nice for anyone. If the first shock is over, many questions arise around the settlement.  Thank you to 1800 Hurt Now A San Diego Auto Accident Lawyer was kind enough to provide some helpful information about this topic.

There are a few things that you should consider from a legal perspective:

1. refrain from making statements about the traffic accident to opponents and the police – even if you did not cause the accident.

Even if it is clear to you at first glance that you have not caused the accident, you should only provide the necessary information. The other side will try everything to at least assign you partial guilt and thereby reduce the costs.

You must provide your details and information about your vehicle or insurance. Possibly. Briefly describe the accident to the police. Remember, anything you say can be interpreted to your detriment. Therefore, you should first discuss detailed statements with your lawyer.

In some cases, participants are summoned to the police station a few days after the accident. This statement can have a significant impact on the outcome of the process. An error with possibly serious consequences happened quickly here. Avoid problems and talk to us in advance.

2. Secure witnesses

Often, some people still stand after an accident on the roadside and watch the action. Once the scene of the accident has been secured and injured people have been taken care of, you should try to record the personal details of the witnesses.

Unfortunately, when the police arrive, many witnesses often disappear from the scene of the accident. Their statements may be important for you as a victim. Therefore try particulars of so many potential witnesses take, as possible as this is the evidence may be for later procedures relevant.

3. Beware of offers

Often the insurance companies immediately offer their appraisers, workshops or lawyers. In return, fast and unbureaucratic processing is promised. In some cases, the insurance even “threatens” with the fact that financial disadvantages arise when you make your selection.

Do not accept offers hastily. You have the right to expert, workshop and lawyer of your choice. Leave at least one day before you decide. Do not be pressured and look for independent partners whom you trust.

4. If you are injured, go to the doctor

This recommendation also applies to minor injuries. Any damage claimed must be proven. If you have an injury, have your doctor confirm this. For a later claimed to solubilizing pain and suffering, it is essential to demonstrate continuous medical care.

5. Pick up receipts and evidence

If you incur costs as a result of the accident, you should cancel the receipts. You have to go home by bus because your car is no longer ready to drive. You need a taxi to get to the doctor. Her jacket was damaged in the accident. These are just a few examples of damage that can be caused by accident. Keep all evidence to prove your damage. This way, you can subsequently prove your expenses completely and get the costs reimbursed by the opposing insurer.

Do I need a lawyer?

It is important to know that only one is at fault in traffic accidents in San Diego. Even if the situation seems clear to laymen, often cooperation of the alleged victim is established in court. To negotiate this complicity in court and possibly to prove or disprove it by witnesses is almost impossible for a layman.

So you get what you deserve

Fortunately, because a traffic accident does not happen too often, most people do not know their rights and claims after an accident. The opposing insurance, in turn, pays only the claims that have been asserted.

Auto Accident Attorney do the paperwork for you

Experience shows that correspondence with insurance, authorities, car rental companies, accident opponents and possibly his lawyer can be very stressful. Traffic lawyer handles these negotiations for you. This avoids errors that may cost you a lot of money.

Competent defense

In particular, if a fine or criminal case has been brought against you in connection with a traffic accident, you should immediately turn to a lawyer for criminal traffic law. This is the only way to ensure that you do not suffer any disadvantages in the process.

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6 Things You Have To Know About Personal Injury Cases

If you’re suffering from a personal injury and is currently going through a case. You should take note of the 6 Things you should know about personal injury cases.

February 4, 2019 /
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